Monday, June 07, 2010

Really Bad Video Productions

RBVP Merchandising

RBVP is my tongue in cheek name for my low tech attempt to fool around with moving pictures. As long as I don't take myself too serious the making of small video clips has helped me widen my horizons.

The following Youtube video I made with about 100 shots out of my DSLR. The idea is to make a sculpture out of real life.

My first attempt at this type of stop motion was done a coupe of weeks ago using much fewer photos from my P&S:

My P&S actually has real video, too bad the compression algorithm is so lossy or else I think it might actually be a good video camera. But it is still good enough to record RBVP documentaries or music video style videos.

I doubt it but if you would like to see more but RBVP on YouTube or on Flickr

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Jenya said...

This video of the subway ride is the best! Let's talk Hollondaise next time we get together:-) We can have a Brunch theme and make some nice Eggs Benedicte and asparagus with Hollondaise!