Monday, July 14, 2014

Note On Scanning Black and White Negatives With Epson V500 Using The Individul Gain Setting In Vuescan

With R, G, B gains set as below with the scan imported into Lightroom and using a custom colour profile

A recent release of Vuescan has new functionality of be able to use individual gain setting:

This allows me make a DNG output scan with each of the RGB channels having different gains.This has been an extension of the single image (hdr) techniques mentioned at the bottom of this introduction to the Epson V500.

Note that depending on the scanner under inspection with the gains being equal one of the RGB channels might be cleaner or have better resolution. One might best use this as the channel with the middle gain.

Same as above plus color has been flattened back to Black and White
Mamiya C220 80mm f2.8
TMAX 400 Film
D76 1:1 10 minutes 22c

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