Sunday, November 03, 2013

Redscale and Double Exposures as Normal / Redscale Pairs

Cross Processed Expired Kodak Ektachrome 360T Redscale Shot at Iso 100

As many of you know cross processing is developing a film in a different chemistry then was intended, in this case a e6 transparency film was developed in C41 colour negative chemistry.

Redscale is just reversing the film so light from the lens first goes through the back of the film and exits the emulsion side. This travelling in reverse through the different layers that make up colour film reduces the effective ISO and causes  the film to have predominantly red, orange and yellow false colours.

I shot one roll just to try it out and the above was my best shot pretty meh.

This year I participated in an international film swap where a roll of film was exposed twice (one for each participant) the idea is that we would end up with random double exposures from 2 countries. My partner was a student from Italy. To mix it up a bit I asked him to shot a roll at full film speed and take shots with lots of textures. Unfortunately there was a slight language barrier and he under exposed his side. I for my part reversed (inside out) the film in the roll thus shooting my side of the double exposures as Redscale.

The following are some of the results:

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